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Spicy Beef and Peppers Recipe


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Spicy Beef and Peppers

Spicy Beef and Peppers recipe
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Servings: 5

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Recipe by: Rae
Servings: 5
Recipe by: Rae


2 lb Beef Roast, like shoulder
1 TBSP Kosher Salt
1 TBSP Honey
2 TBSP Loco Caliente Spice Mix
2 TBSP Oil
1 Cup Water
1 TBSP Liquid Smoke, Wright brand recommended
2 Peppers, Mixed colors, julienned
1 Red Onion, Julienned
1 Yellow Onion, Julienned
2 TBSP Cornstarch
2 TBSP Cold Water


1. Pat dry the beef with paper towels.

2. Rub the beef with salt on all sides.

3. Drizzle with honey and rub or brush all over.

4. Sprinkle with Loco Caliente mix and rub into the honey.

5.Heat a skillet over medium high heat and add the oil. Sear about 2 minutes per side.

6. Pour the water and liquid smoke into the slow cooker and swish around. Place the beef in the water place the lid on top. (Reserve the skillet used to sear the beef)

7. Cook on high heat for 1 hour. Reduce Heat to low and cook 4 hours.

8. In the meantime wipe out the beef skillet and saute the onions and peppers. Place in cooler until later use.

9. After 4 hours on low add the peppers and onions to the slow cooker. Taste the broth and season with salt if needed. Continue to cook on low for 1 hour more.

10. Remove beef from cooker and cover with foil allow it rest 10 minutes.

11. Turn the slow cooker to high. Combine the corn starch and cold water and whisk into the sauce. Let cook uncovered 10 minutes.

12. Slice or pull apart beef and cover with peppers, onions and sauce.

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Spicy Beef and Peppers


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