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Almond Green Beans

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Almond Green Beans
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Servings: 4
Recipe by: Frankie


12 oz green beans
1/4 cup blanched almonds
1 TBSP shallot, minced
1 TBSP Unsalted butter
2 lemon wedges
S and P


Steam green beans approx. 3 minutes then blanch. While beans blanch toast the almonds in a saute pan.

Remove almonds from pan and place in a bowl, add the butter to the hot saute pan.

Slowly brown the butter over low heat or no heat. Do not burn.

Add the shallot and cook till brown.

Add the green beans cook until slightly browned on edges.

Season with salt and pepper and add the almonds back to the pan.
Turn off heat and squeeze lemon juice over, toss and eat.

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