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Avocado and Cucumber Crostini

Easy to make crostinis topped with avocado, cucumber, and radish .
Avocado and Cucumber Crostini

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Servings: 4
Total Time: 20 minutes
Recipe by: Rae


small baguette (6 oz), sliced diagonally 1/2 thick (9 slices)
1 avocado, peeled and pitted
1/4 of a medium seedless cucumber, sliced thinly using a mandolin or peeler
2 radishes, sliced thinly using a mandolin or peeler
pinch Aleppo pepper flakes or crushed red pepper flakes
pinch rock salt or kosher salt
1 TBSP cilantro, cut into fine strips
pinch lime zest, finely chopped
1/2 TBSP olive oil


1. Toast the baguette in a toaster oven or on a baking rack in the oven.

2. Cut the avocado into a 9 pieces. Spread the avocado over each piece of toast, using a fork and smooshing it.

3. Top with sliced cucumber twisted artfully.

4. Inlay a few radish slices on each piece of toast.

5. Sprinkle with the red pepper and salt.

6. Top with cilantro and lime zest.

7. Place on serving platter and drizzle with olive oil just before serving.

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Avocado and Cucumber Crostini

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